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Mariusz Łuniewski is the man behind UNDERTHESKIN - one of the most respected european post-punk projects nowadays.


▶ In 2016 - after very well received worldwide self-titled debut album band performed a

lot of european concerts with such iconic bands as The Soft Moon, Drab Majesty, Cold Cave, Soviet Soviet, Lebanon Hannover to name a but a few. The band also appeared on festivals, such as Sacrosanct Festival (UK), Gotham Sounds Festival (DE), Klub Dod (SE), Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (DE) etc.

▶ 29th of April 2019 undertheskin strikes back with second studio album N E G A T I V E - undoubtedly his very best and enthusiastically-received album to date!

"...cavernous and charming voice of Mariusz Łuniewski to which we cling until the end of this first album, carried by a throbbing, hypnotic bass, and synths that would almost allow Undertheskin to refresh the genre . A very very nice surprise..."

„Negative“ von Undertheskin ist ein dunkles Meisterwerk. Die selbst gewählte Sound- Beschreibung von Mastermind Mariusz – Doppelter Espresso Post-Punk – kann ich ohne Bedenken unterschreiben.

"If you don’t know yet Undertheskin, “Negative” will really give you a shock. It’s without a shadow of a doubt one of the best and most accomplished releases I’ve heard in the genre during the past months. And it will be for sure one of my favorite works from 2019!”

„...In the last month, "NEGATIVE" visits my stereo on a daily basis. And I'm sure this will happen to yours too, if you give him the opportunity he deserves. Unless there is a major breakthrough, undertheskin's new job will be in my twenties at the end of this year.”
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